Broadcasting Live From My Back Garden

There’s life in the seed trays!! Some of them at least are starting to germinate. I really hope the others do too. I’ve added some catnip seeds, which I think will drive my cat wild judging on his reaction to just being near the seeds, and some pansies, because I’ve always liked them.

Here’s what I bought for the patio area




Tomorrow I’m getting some mini fencing, and I’ve put my solar lights in as well, which look really nice.

Whilst dealing with all this outdoors work I’ve started a new project. We had trees in a small corner garden, but the harsh winter killed them off, so I’ve been chopping away at them, and am finally getting to the end, which is a good job because its exhausting work. I’ve decided to turn this patch into a rockery. It’s still very much in the early stages, but hopefully I can get on with it while the weather is nice. Think I’ll get some more figures and solar lights for this patch as well. Like I said, it’s very much early stages. In fact, this is what it currently looks like…


BIG mess!!

The Greenhouse Project Reaches Completion


What a project it turned out to be! Putting the glass in turned into a major event, not least when overnight, for no apparent reason at all, a panel cracked. We had a couple of spares, but, wouldn’t you know it, we cracked those too, trying to get them in place. The upside of all this; we now know where to buy replacement panes for a reasonable price.
We ran out of fixing clips as well, so couldn’t complete the glazing until they sent another pack out. In the end though it was all complete, and all that’s left to do is the planting…

…which I have started. Am eagerly watching for any signs of life from my seed trays. I don’t know whether I’ll have any success because it’s a little late to be starting, but all the seeds I’ve used have been freebies anyway, so it doesn’t matter too much. It’s all going to be a bit experimental at this stage, as all this is totally new to me.

I bought my figures for the patio – a dragon, a gnome and a hedgehog. I’ve also bought some solar lights and I want a little fence for the edge of the slabs. The man is coming to do the paving tomorrow, so it really is almost finished now, just in time for summer.
I’ll post some photos once everything is done.

I bought a new cross stitch kit. I really don’t need any more, I probably already have more than I’ll ever have time to do, but I couldn’t resist…


I’m going to try and resist starting this one until my latest work is finished, because I have so many projects that I start but never get round to finishing.