Books 1 & 2 – Cockroaches by Jo Nesbo and Carrie by Stephen King

1. Cockroaches – Jo Nesbo – Finished 02/01/14

Another early case for detective Harry Hole sees him venture to Bangkok when the Norwegian ambassador is found murdered.
I did enjoy this book, but the first books I read in the series were the later ones, starting with The Snowman, and I was totally engrossed in everything from the writing to the story. I didn’t find this book quite as gripping as the later novels but I was glad to read it as part of the series.  Rating:  3/5

2. Carrie – Stephen King – Finished 06/01/14

Carrie White has a special power; she is telekinetic and can move things with her mind. Caught between a fanatically religious mother at home, and relentless bullies who humiliate her at every opportunity, Carrie is miserable, and so hones her secret power.

All Carrie wants to be accepted, and to live her life the way she wants, without her mother’s strict religious beliefs influencing her every decision. When she is asked to the school prom by the handsome and popular Tommy, Carrie can’t believe her luck, but hardly dares believe that this is the first step towards social acceptance.
She is right to be suspicious, and as the bullies plan one final humiliation for Carrie she finally unleashes her power upon them, with devastating consequences.

This is a short novel, and the narrative includes various reports into the ‘Carrie White affair’. The suspense builds towards the events of prom night, and the section just before this builds really nicely, taking in the viewpoints of Carrie’s mother, Sue Snell (a girl from school) and Carrie herself as she makes her own dress for the prom, all the time wondering if yet again she will be the victim of some awful joke.
There’s something terribly sad about the extremes towards which Carrie is driven, which is felt all the more as she is just a girl who wants acceptance, both from her mother and her peers.

I enjoyed the book and am now going to watch the film.  Rating:  4/5

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