It’s All In The Past

Another glorious garden afternoon. We’re having an uncharacteristic heatwave at the moment, so it’s nice to sit out.
It’s been so hot though that I’ve invested in some moveable shelving that I can stand outside the greenhouse, because my poor seedlings have been suffering in this heat. Still, I shouldn’t complain; it’ll be pouring with rain soon enough, no doubt.


I’ve also had to extend my trellis for the black eyed Susan, as to growing wild, getting too tall for what I put in originally. It’s going to be huge!! I sort of hope it doesn’t grow all the way to the top of this new layer because I don’t fancy climbing up there to train the vines!


I’ve been trying to read, but can’t seem to settle to it today, so I thought I’d write something instead.

I’ve been trying to find out about my family history.
It’s an interesting pursuit, but also incredibly frustrating at times.
When you’re close enough to the present that relatives can remember and verify your findings it’s smooth enough, but the further back you get, the more confusing it can become, and in some cases I’m totally lost as I have no idea some of the people I’ve found even existed, never mind who they married and when.
I’ve found out quite a lot. I’m over 100 years back on part of the family tree, and have found so many names and dates that almost feel as if I know these people. I ask my nan, and then seem amazed when she can’t tell me anything, before I recall that it’s all way before her time!
I’ve hit a stumbling block now. I found a marriage for one of my great-great aunts, and I found her family on the census, living with her husband’s sister, but after that they vanish.
A man with his name, born in the right place, and with a daughter the right name and age appears on a later census, but his age doesn’t quite match, and they’re in a place many many miles away from where they started. Also, his wife isn’t my great-great aunt.
I did wonder if she’d died. This search revealed a death of someone of the correct name, but the age was out by two years. I don’t know if I’m totally wrong in what I’m finding or if discrepancies like that do occur. With a death I wouldn’t have thought it likely, as deaths are registered pretty quickly.
I don’t really know where to go from there. I have a friend who is into this kind of thing, so I might ask his advice.