I’m Doing a Read-A-Thon

So, I’m an Official Participant of the Treesofreverie Read-A-Thon, which starts later this week.  I love to read anyway, so joining in with something like this gives me chance to set some short-term reading goals, and hopefully join in with other people who love reading as much as I do.  In case anyone else is interested, and would like to take part, here are the links where you can find more information about what’s going on…

Treesofreverie Read-A-Thon Information Post

Read-A-Thon FAQs


I’m hoping to:

  • Finish The Dark Tower by Stephen King
  • Read Looking For Alaska by John Green
  • Read Joyland by Stephen King

All this will mostly depend on how quickly I plough through The Dark Tower, as it’s a really long book and I’m just over halfway through so far.  Also, having been with these characters for so long, and following their journey, it’s really hard to read of their eventual fates, so I’m probably reading slower than I usually would.

So, that’s about it for now, I think.