Three Reasons to Love Lists (No, Really!)

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Yes, I know the internet is awash with lists.  Yes, I know that many of them are terrible. No, that does not mean lists are do be avoided at all costs. Do we impugn all comedians because of Pauly Shore? I certainly hope not. There’s a reason list-style posts are perennially popular, and there’s a lot you can take from them to enhance your own (non-list) posts.

At the risk of causing a list-based meta-implosion that sucks the entire internet into the wormhole of Top Ten Celebrity Baby Names, here’s my list of three reasons to love lists.

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Hello and Welcome

I’ve decided to start a new blog.

All my cross stitch related things can be found here.

Everything else is going to be here. No idea what that’s likely to include yet so please bear with me while I get sorted out.