My 5 For Friday

1. The Christmas decorations are down and packed away for another year. It always amazes me, how much bigger and cleaner the room looks once they’re gone (oops!), then night time comes and the room looks so much duller and for the first night or two I miss them. I’ve moved a floor lamp into the corner where the tree stood though, so there’s still a nice light source there, which is good as I’ve taken to sitting there cross stitching.

2. I finished reading Carrie by Stephen King. I’m probably going to go into more detail about this in another post, so won’t do it here too. Also Stephen King related; I finished season 3 of Haven. Can’t quite work out why, but I love Haven, and the location it’s filmed at is beautiful. I would love to go there some day.

3. Wearing my new boots to walk around a shopping centre for hours probably wasn’t the smartest idea in the world. I was in agony by the end of the day, and my poor toes now have blisters. Urgh! And the boots were so comfortable the first time I wore them. Not good. Like I said, probably not the best idea to walk around in them for hours on only their second wearing.

4. Absolute Beginners by David Bowie.  I do absolutely love this song –

5. I bought a q-snap frame for my cross stitching. WHY didn’t I do this sooner?! It’s so much easier, getting the fabric onto the frame. With hoops I find myself pulling and tugging to get the tension correct, which over time stretches the fabric, and the hoop leaves terrible marks behind as well. None of that is an issue with the frame; it’s easy to place it and get the tension right, and no marks when it comes off. Really wish I’d done this before!


1st 5 of 2014

1. My cat came in the other night with a long bleeding scratch and a massive chunk of fur missing from behind his ear. It probably happened as a result of a fight (again!). Looks like he’s started the new year as he means to go on, and yet normally he’s such a calm cat!

2. Further cat-shaped developments – he ended up at the vets because there was a lump behind his ear as well as the missing fur; turns out he had an abscess, which had to be lanced and resulted in an overnight stay at the vets so they could deal with the wound. Not nice! I was SO glad to get him back home.

3. I’ve been listening to Tonight by David Bowie. I first listened to it on New Year’s Eve, and it’s been the album I’ve been playing into the New Year as well. It’s really good. I don’t know why I haven’t listened to it before. I was reading about Bowie’s No. 1 albums, and Tonight was mentioned, and that was what made me play it for the first time. I love I Keep Forgettin’, Tonight and God Only Knows, but if you asked me tomorrow I’d probably name some of the other tracks, because there isn’t a dud song on there.

4. I couldn’t resist starting work on my Aurora cross stitch. It’s such a lovely design that I HAD to start it, although blending filament is horrible stuff to work with! Luckily, there isn’t too much of it. I’m thinking of getting a q-snap frame to hold my fabric taut, as the hoops I’m using at the moment leave really deep indentations in the fabric, which is difficult to work over when you reach that point in the stitching.

5. And Finally… today is my DAY OFF!! I wanted to get my time in so I don’t lose it, so I’ve had today and after finishing writing here I’m off out to the garden and craft centre, to see what I can find in the sales…