I’m back for a bit more writing, as it seems a while since I last wrote anything.

I’ve been out in the garden again, mostly just digging out the plants which are dying off and tidying up for the end of the season. It seems to have flown by, but that’s because I was late in getting my greenhouse and getting started. Next time I will start planting my seeds nice and early, give them longer to get established.
I’ve also taken down some of my solar lights, because the days are getting shorter now, and the weather is worse, so they’re not really charging up enough anymore. If they come on at all it’s only very briefly.

I was talking to a lady I work with, and apparently her dad used to grow cacti. She said they were quite easy to grow, and I’ve seen some seeds, so I might get a pack and have a go at those too next time.
She also said her dad grew bonsai trees, and had quite a collection of them, which I was interested in as dad has decided he’d like a bonsai tree. I wanted to know if they were easy to care for, which she assures me they are, so it looks like that might be the next addition to the plant collection.

I had a good trip to the library at the weekend, and got the new Dexter novel, which I’m reading now, Dexter’s Final Cut. It’s good so far. I also got the new Jo Nesbo, Police, which I’ll read next. I requested Doctor Sleep by Stephen King as well, but that one hadn’t arrived, which is probably a good thing because all these books have other requests on them, so I won’t be able to renew them, and there is no way I could get through three books in three weeks, not at the pace I’m reading at the moment.

I got another couple of David Bowie albums too – The Platinum Collection and Hunky Dory. It’s funny, some of the songs on Platinum Collection I’m finding myself thinking ‘I had no idea he sung that’. The song I’ve got on repeat at the moment is Absolute Beginners. I love it.

I’ve started watching Hannibal. It’s really good, but I’m trying not to look up anything about it on the internet because the series has already finished to no doubt there will be spoilers all over the place, and I always manage to spoil myself. Am also trying to avoid spoilers for the last series of Dexter, which I’m waiting for on dvd.

And that’s about it, I think, for now!

Peace And Quiet… Sometimes

Outside in the garden once more.
I love this newfound hobby of mine.
Working outside with the seeds/plants is not only great in itself, it provides some lovely quiet time, although that’s not been the case so much recently as the woman who lives next door has taken to bellowing at the husband/dog/kids at full pelt at least once every day, and it always seems to happen when I’m out and about. She’s so loud you can’t help but hear, and it always seems to be about nothing at all. I wonder if she realises a good portion of the street can hear her carrying on all the time.

Anyway, back to the garden…
I’ve potted on my pansies. I’m really hopeful that they’ll grow well, because they’re the only thing I actually went out and bought.
Everything I’ve grown from seed is from packs I’ve been given, or found at work (we have gardening magazines which sometimes come with free seed packs). I thought I’d try them all because I didn’t really know what I was doing so, because they were all freebies, it wouldn’t matter if it all turned out badly, but the pansies, they’re different. I chose them specially, and want to make a good attempt with them.

The tomato plants are coming along nicely now. A friend came over and I think he despaired that I’d let the plants become unruly. He cut them back for me and now they’re doing much better. We will have a crop of tomatoes yet!! The cucumbers are also doing really well. I hope all this stuff tastes good when it finally comes round to eating them.



My cornflowers, well, what to say? They’ve grown, there’s no denying it; they’re almost taking over my little rockery, big spindly things which are all foliage and very few flowers at present. If they don’t start flowering soon I’ll pull them out and put something new in there instead. They’re overshadowing everything else at the moment.

Look, Another Post!!!

I’d intended to write here quite often, but have had a busy week or so, and the weather improved, which made a nice change, being able to get out in the garden.

We’ve had a new fence around the back garden, and it looks much bigger now.
Have also had a patio area put in because I’m getting a greenhouse next week and it will sit nicely on there.
Wouldn’t you know it; as soon as we found out the greenhouse was being delivered the weather went off and it’s now blowing a gale and pouring with rain. Here’s to the Great British Summer!
I got a new plant today, a Pieris Flaming Silver, which looks gorgeous with striking pink leaves. Am really looking forward to getting started on planting, and hopefully growing my own plants from seeds once the greenhouse is up.

In other news, I started reading The Wheel Of Time. I read the first book and really enjoyed it. It will certainly fill the gap until the next Song Of Ice And Fire book is published (and who knows when that will be!?!?).
I got the book from the library and was dismayed to find that all copies of the next book, The Great Hunt, had disappeared (there’s a pun there somewhere). A perk of working at the library – I put in a request for a new copy and they’ve agreed to get one! Great stuff, although there is someone else waiting for the book before me, so I’ll have a few more weeks to wait.
To fill the gap I started The Passage by Justin Cronin. It had some really mixed reviews but so far I’m really loving it.

Also, I finally saw The Hobbit. It seemed overly long at times, but mostly I enjoyed it, and I would happily sit through the whole thing again just for Richard Armitage as Thorin Oakenshield. The way he looks in that film is exactly how I picture Lan from Wheel Of Time.

Have also had some time to work on my cross stitch as well, which is coming along steadily. Have posted pics on my cross stitch blog about that. I’m so impatient that I want to see the whole thing finished, yet I know there are many more hours and weeks and months work before it will even be close.